Leonardo Alessandro D'Angelo

Ser Leonardo, Knight of the People. Known as Leo to his friends.


Name at Birth: Leonardo Alessandro D’Angelo
Aliases/Nicknames: Leo
Title(s): Ser Leonardo, Knight of the People Leonardo

Age/Date of Birth: 27/August 25
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Race/Ethnicity: Urbanman (Human)/Caucasian

Skin Tone: Light Tan
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 154 lbs
Build: Broad-shouldered, muscular.
Eyes: Ice blue.
Hair: Deep brown, thick.
Distinguishing Features: His eyes and the scars on his arms.

Handedness: Left.


• Clothes Style: Tends toward the standard paladin armor of Evarius; a breast-plate with armored greaves. When off duty (and not in the field), Leo tends to favor wearing more “casual” garb.
• Jewelry: None.

Religion: Wavering belief in the teachings of Saint Phyah.
Political Affiliation: Church of Saint Phyah.
Education: Literate; public education.

Languages spoken:
Style of Speech: Semi-formal. Tends to avoid the use of profanity.

Weapons: Shield & Sword.

Occupation(s): Knight of the People.
Past Occupation(s): Guard Captain.

Special Abilities/Skills:

Activities/Organizations: City Guard, Church of Saint Phyah.

Hobbies: Cooking, combat training.
Interests: History.

Serious Flaws

• Phobias/Fears
• Bad Habits/Vices

Alignment/Morality: Neutral Good.

Citizenship: Evarius.
Place of Birth:
Current Residence: Evarius.

Current Relationship Status: Single.
Relationship History: Unknown.

Family: All blood relatives believed to be dead.



- Though he rarely openly admits it, Leo thinks of his friends and the Legate as his family.
- Though he knows he should morally disagree with it, Leo has admired Leryn’s mentalism talents for quite a while.
- Considers himself the group’s protector and is often trying to look out for the people around him.
- Is a surprisingly skilled cook despite his background.
- Has something of a history of bailing Leryn out of prison – often at the risk of his own position within the City Guard & Church.

Leonardo Alessandro D'Angelo

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